Perpetual Wait.

I’ve never snorted a line, tripped on acid, or dropped some E.  Narcotics are played.

Personally; sniffing out, hunting down, and falling into a rabbit hole of new and exclusive music is my drug of choice.


The Waiting Room – a place for leak-junkies and the likeminded – who stay forever waiting on that new shit; that new Jadakiss verse, a rare Prince b-side, the latest Kanye freestyle, or just Beyonce’s future #1 club banger.

That sense of excitement we get as we follow the trailto a zshare or megaupload download page. We snatch the mp3 – we take it – drag it to a playlist on our iPod, and yet still our inexplicable thirst is not quenched. This is, the perpetual wait.

I guess this reflects how we’ve come to live life, on a certain subconscious level. Excitement grows about impending events – a trip, a concert, or a big date (or booty call). But after it’s all said and done – don’t you sorta’ miss it?  That anticipation – the wait.


I invite you to use this blog as a forum and in return, agree to use more than just your ears to decipher the music. This will be a place where music fiends from all backgrounds can come to discuss, debate, and even critique, the art of music being produced today.

Welcome to The Waiting Room.

One Response to “Perpetual Wait.”
  1. elle says:

    I’m here. I’m waiting. Do you think you can post my demo? Just a thought. Congrats, baby. Oh, sex in The Waiting Room for sure.

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