Mom Knows Best

So my phone was on silent last night and I missed a call from my mom while I was (shamelessly) watching TMZ. I check my voicemail.

“Hi Mark – it’s mom. Just wanted to let you know I got that book you FedEx’d me. Thank you so much! I’m going to start reading it tonight! No need to call me back, just wanted to let you know. Oh, and I just saw Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin… [long pause] …Anyone who votes for her, should be shot! Ok, love you, bye!”

Simply, fucking amazing.

I love you Paula.

2 Responses to “Mom Knows Best”
  1. Pearl says:

    Mothers are fabulous. I wish mine was less conservative but my family’s all conservative for the most part..

  2. Str8Democrat says:

    ohh Paula Poundstone…simply love her..

    Charles Gibson: What are your thoughts on the Bush Doctrine?
    Sarah Palin: “in what respect charlie”

    Katie Couric Interview
    Sarah Palin…mid sentence shoots her tongue out of her mouth

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