The Writing’s On The Wall

“Where I’m from, if you go by the book,
it’s a very slow process to get what you want,”


New York City subway commuters, you might have noticed some changes to the usual underground advertisements. Then again, you might have not noticed them at all.

25-year-old street artist ‘Poster Boy’ has made quite an impression with hundreds of vandalism-turned-social commentary art pieces. Good luck trying to catch a glimpse of this apologetically public art gallery – as his work is just as elusive as the creator himselfOften times the MTA covers up his work just as fast as he conceives it. Thank God for the internet, as Poster Boy is able to capture his work and archive it on his personal Flickr page for all to see, before it gets covered or torn down. See some of his work below.

Click here to read Brian Raftery’s article ‘Slice and Dice’ from New York Magazine.


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