Alone Now

“This idea that cities are bastions of lonely,
despairing people is a myth,”



As a New Yorker now for over five years, not much surprises me anymore – so I have to commend New York Magazine‘s Jennifer Senior. Who would have guessed that over 50% of Manhattan households are people living alone? Senior’s latest story, ‘Alone Together’, takes a look at life alone in The Big Apple, as well as the “myth” that living solo equates loneliness.

In American lore, the small town is the archetypal community, a state of grace from which city dwellers have fallen (thus capitulating to all sorts of political ills like, say, socialism). Even among die-hard New Yorkers, those who could hardly imagine a life anywhere else, you’ll find people who secretly harbor nostalgia for the small village they’ve never known.

Read The Full Piece On New York Magazine’s Website: Alone Together

One Response to “Alone Now”
  1. Karms says:

    That’s horrible. I’m glad we southerners aren’t like that. Lol.

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