Dear Christopher ‘Frank White’ Wallace


Jadakiss – “Letter to B.I.G.” (ft. Faith Evans) – link below to listen and download the track – don’t forget that while many rappers might make tributes to Big and whatnot, Jada and the rest of the LOX probably actually knew him and chilled with him back when they were on Bad Boy under Diddy. This makes the song that much more real – that and when he mentions Biggie’s kids and how they’ve grown up. This WILL be getting uploaded to the iPhone in a minute. What you think about the track? Oh, and before I forget, it’s off the official soundtrack to the ‘Notorious ‘ film.

“Letter to B.I.G.” (ft. Faith Evans) – Jadakiss

4 Responses to “Dear Christopher ‘Frank White’ Wallace”
  1. elle says:

    “as long as i know i’m nice, i’m my own fan.”

  2. sam says:

    B.I.G people haven’t forgotten of you ur a legend… big shoutouts to jadakiss for writting such a nice song.. hope i meet you one day

  3. Fatima says:

    Biggie , Will NEVER Be Forgotten. . .
    — His Son Looks Just Like Him;*

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