2009’s Five Most Anticipated Albums

Considering rumored release dates and 2008 push-backs that never quite made it to store shelves, there are a few albums coming out this year that are poised to rack up play-counts for certain artists on my iTunes library. Here are the albums I’m most looking forward to in ’09:

1. Jay-Z – ‘The Blueprint 3

While Hov’s guest verses, for the most part, haven’t been so intriguing this past year – I have faith that Shawn Corey Carter has it in him to craft yet another hip hop masterpiece, (Lord knows it’s very much needed right now). Jay addressed rumors of working with Kanye on ‘Blueprint 3‘ earlier this year in an interview with New York Magazine, stating, “We’re partners right now. Starsky and Hutch right now.” If you recall, Kanye played an integral part in the classic sound of Jay’s first ‘Blueprint‘ album. This could be major!

2. Erykah Badu – ‘New Amerykah, Pt. 2

Let me just say this, if you slept on ‘New Amerykah, Pt. 1‘ that came out earlier in 2008, you are missing out. Don’t worry – it’s NOT too late! Go out and cop it ASAP, or download it from iTunes ASAP – and once you’ve given yourself a solid month or two to fully immerse yourself in Ms. Badu’s trippy, funky, beat-soaked world – you will be foaming at the mouth in eager anticipation for ‘Pt. 2‘. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Christina Aguilera – TBA

Ok, now hear me out – I’ve been a fan of this girl since someone happen to buy her first album for me back in the Summer of 2000 for my birthday – a year after it had been released. Bottom line; this girl can saaang – NO, not just sing, but saaang. On top of her vocals, she has managed to reinvent herself and her music with each carefully crafted album and ‘era’ of her career. After seeing her surprisingly subdued performance of “I Love You Porgy” in tribute to Nina Simone at December’s Grammy Nominations TV special, I’m looking forward to what else she can do with her voice and vision. Watch the performance below:

4. India Arie – ‘Testimony, Vol. 2: Life & Politics

Due in February, this is the follow up to India’s 2006 critically acclaimed, yet slept on, ‘Testimony, Vol. 1‘ – an album I didn’t fall totally in love with until my homegirl continuously played it in the car while we cruised around central Massachusetts every time I was home for holidays, etc. I had nearly forgotten how good it was until I heard India’s cover of “The Heart of the Matter” in the ‘Sex & The City’ movie. This song alone is reason enough for me to be excited about the next album. India always makes you feel something with her music – I love that about her.

5. Teedra Moses – ‘The Young Lioness

With her former label, TVT Records, now bankrupt and but a distant memory, it’s unfortunately unsure what will become of Teedra or her highly-anticipated sophomore album. Her debut, 2004’s ‘Complex Simplicity‘ is still one of my favorite R&B albums of the last ten years. Teedra is a songwriter first, for herself and others, so you know already from the jump that her music is going to be more personal than today’s average R&B fluff. A few clips and new songs have leaked over the past year or two that are rumored to be from the ‘Young Lioness‘ sessions – but no official word yet on anything. Keeping my fingers crossed!

SO – What are some of your highly anticipated albums, tours, or projects in music for 2009?
6 Responses to “2009’s Five Most Anticipated Albums”
  1. elle says:

    you are so r&b it makes me cry.

  2. 106th says:

    leave me alone you bossy thug mrs.

  3. elle says:


  4. Norge says:

    Christina new album is going to be the bomb… I cant wait

  5. leonardo says:

    Christina Aguilera ——– aparently will be name Light & Darknes, i hope NOT i don’t need hater around telling it’s such a non-innovating tittle.

    but who cares it’s just a name, remmeber back in the day what thing cross your mind with Back to Basics???

    The real thinf It’s The Substance and Christina Knows It

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