Come Back to Me [VIDEO]

Check out Utada‘s gorgeous new music video for her single, “Come Back to Me”. Pick up the album, ‘This Is The One‘ – In stores Tuesday, May 12th.     Advertisements

When Curtis ‘Gon Do It?

Intrigued when Perez Hilton blogged about attending the taping; calling it “genius”. Excited when I started seeing the commercials air on VH1. Now, after seeing this performance, you can be sure I will definitely be watching. Kanye‘s (do we even need to say ‘West’ anymore?) episode of VH1’s Storytellers airs this Saturday, Feb. 28th, at … Continue reading


See more clever NYC-inspired LEGO art: via Christoph Niemann‘s blog for The New York Times, Abstract City.

No Doubt Tour Dates Announced!

If you read the blog you might remember a while back when I announced that Gwen and the boys of No Doubt are going on tour this summer with new pop-rock band Paramore. Well now, through their official website, the band has announced the full set of tour dates! I can NOT wait for this … Continue reading

New Dr. Dre? Really?!

YES – really. This is a radio-rip of a new Dr. Dre song featuring T.I. and Nas – the beat is crazy (from what I can tell from this rip) – but that’s no surprise, it IS Dr. Dre, afterall. Let’s hope this is a step towards the release of the long-delayed and highly anticipated … Continue reading

Generation Lost

If you’re an avid reader of the blog you might remember this new artist, B.o.B – a forward-thinking rapper, singer, and musician (he plays the guitar and piano) who comes to us straight out of Atlanta. Here is his recently released video for his great song “Generation Lost”. Nothing is sexier than smart hip-hop, except … Continue reading

The Heart of Me is Strong Today

T.I. demonstrating why he is one of the few intriguing hip-hop artists out today. I loved this song from the first listen when it leaked this past fall. The newly released video is a visually moving and quite fitting accompaniment. T.I. (ft. Justin Timberlake) – “Dead & Gone”

Who Says the Femcee is Extinct?

A personal favorite, indie femme fatale Jean Grae continues to show and prove why you can’t count the female emcee out just yet. Over the past few years I’ve heard countless critics and fans claiming the irrelevance of the female rapper in today’s hip-hop galaxy. Apparently these people have never taken a trip to planet … Continue reading

Welcome to Heartbreak

Kanye West‘s new video;”Welcome to Heartbreak” (ft. Kid Cudi) Do NOT adjust your monitor – what you are witnessing is pure awesomeness. [props to]

Yours Truly

Marsha Ambrosius has released a new mixtape, ‘Yours Truly‘, produced by Focus and put together by DJ Don Cannon. Thanks to you can download it right now for free! For those of you who may not know, Ms. Ambrosius is the woman behind the beautiful vocals of one of my favorite groups in urban … Continue reading