Album Preview: Utada’s ‘This Is The One’


Listen below to three full tracks off Utada‘s upcoming new album, ‘This Is The One‘ – available digitally on Amazon and iTunes on March 24th – CD in stores May 12th!

Utada – “This One (Crying Like a Child)”
Produced by Stargate/Written by Utada

Utada – “Automatic Part II”
Produced by Christopher “Tricky” Stewart/Written by Utada

Utada – “On & On”
Produced by Christopher “Tricky” Stewart/Written by Utada

One Response to “Album Preview: Utada’s ‘This Is The One’”
  1. Don says:

    Contemporary pop at it’s best. Urban undertones with strong kicks and 808 combination. Smooth, layered melodies. A street and book smart girl putting her English to the test on a very cohesive, and revealing album. Who ever knew Hikki had swagger, cause you definitely cannot tell on any of her Japanese songs. There isn’t a BAD song on the album, IMHO. There are only 10 songs, so you’re so busy getting into them all, there isn’t time to hate any of them. I will say “Come Back To Me” was a great way to lead fans and new ears into the album, because the album tracks are nothing like it (as she said in the pre-Grammy interview video). “On and On” is radio ready, hands down. “This One” digs depths as it builds to be one of the best ballads in her discography (next to “Dareka..”, “Final Distance”, and “Be My Last”). Swagger filled on “Automatic Part II”, even throwing a bone to those wondering where part I is. “Take it back to the beginning bitches, catch up and I’ll see you on tour” is the message the title it self gives to those new ears. For those seasoned ears, “Me Muero” flashes you back to “Nichiyou no Asa” and “Keep Tryin'”, lofty songs that show off her quirky side as seen on her blogs. All in all, this is a contender for album of the year 2009 for me, and we are only in the 1st quarter.

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