Freedom Is a State of Mind


While things have been relatively quiet on the Foxy Brown front – mysteriously the Don Diva herself has taken to blogging on Global Grind. In the entry Foxy writes about her life and career almost in a stream of consciousness style, some parts even sounding as though she is freestyling a rap verse. I loved reading this – I think it shows how intelligent this woman really is – a side rarely seen by fans and critics. Read an excerpt below, followed by a link to the full entry on Global Grind.

Freedom Is a State of Mind
by Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand

15 years old. Brooklyn. Infatuated with gangsters and hustlers, going to the projects everyday… but coming home to a brownstone, like the f*ckin’ Huxtable’s… insecure, dark skin, saw nothing like me on tv, trailblazin’, thought I could take this shit over, if just given the chance…so, young inga, young shawn, brooklyn’s bonnie and clyde, d&d studios, graffiti on the wall, finally felt like hip-hop for real.  No surreal life, this was my life…still running away from the brownstones, hoping to run into the arms of a motherf*cker who wouldn’t care about the darkness of my skin or the sass of my attitude.  One take.  36 bars. Only chick in the crew…even n*ggas couldn’t spit how I do.    The sun came up and I was still awake…and I didn’t even have a rap name…but that night I created a f*ckin’ hip-hop classic…Ain’t No n*gga!  And finally I got my name.  The one and only Foxy Brown.  Bad girl of rap…misunderstood.  Been crucified, criticized, but still I rise…I got a beep…the record’s #1 in the streets and the godfather of rap wanted to meet me.  Could it be?  So holla’d at Jay-Z…no more Shawn Carter…we goin’ to see the Godfather.  And that’s where the saga begins…

Read full entry:

This reminds me of her song “Star Cry”


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