Don’t Let ’em Say You Ain’t Beautiful


I have a love/hate relationship with Eminem, well, more accurately, Eminem’s music. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Eminem hater. I have no problem saying Eminem is a great writer, when he wants to be – one of the few actual lyrical emcees pushing units today. But his gimmicky first singles always turn me off. I usually have to get into the album cuts to fully appreciate his projects. Upon hearing leaked tracks like “Crack a Bottle” and new single “We Made You”, I wasn’t impressed or excited about the new album, ‘Relapse‘. When I heard the 30-second sample of “Beautiful” on iTunes, off his new album, I was instantly intrigued. The song is the Eminem I prefer – deeper, introspective, and above all else, honest.

Eminem – “Beautiful”

PS: It’s amusing to me how Em was beefing with Christina Aguilera years ago, and now they both have great songs in their repertoires titled “Beautiful”.

One Response to “Don’t Let ’em Say You Ain’t Beautiful”
  1. alex mongomery says:

    I personally think eminem is amazing his music and himself!! i love eminem<3 (L) (L)

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