How Disrespectful!


Shame on the The New York Post for such a tasteless, disrespectful, and overall disturbing cover today! It was bad enough that their headline the day after Michael passed was simply “DEAD” in big letters – that alone was irritating – but now this! When someone’s untimely death is the situation at  hand, no matter who it is, there is a certain level of tact that should be maintained. This is especially true when the issue is also dealing with innocent children involved in the matter. Even in death, certain media outlets have NO respect for Michael Jackson or his family – and would rather resort to shock-tactic headlines than actual journalism or simple humanity. Newspapers like The New York Post give journalists and journalism a bad name – no wonder nobody wants to read print media anymore; it’s always so negative and disrespectful. As a decent human being I am disgusted, and as a writer I am embarrased for The New York Post.


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