Don’t Fall Asleep

Check out the just released official logo for next year’s highly anticipated retelling of the horror classic, A Nightmare On Elm Street. Production team Platinum Dunes is spearheading the Nightmare remake – the same guys behind this year’s Friday the 13th remake and The Texas Chainsaw Masacre from a few years back.


*UPDATE* Warner Brothers/New Line present this FIRST look at the new Freddy Krueger:


If you didn’t know, Robert Englund – who made the Freddy Krueger role famous, will not be back – as this is a retelling of the story. Stepping in and taking his place is Oscar-nominated actor, Jackie Earle Haley – check out his resume on IMDB here.

*UPDATE* Here is the official teaser poster for the new A Nightmare On Elm Street – and it looks so effin’ hot! FINALLY Freddy will be scary as hell again, not some guy making corny jokes as he kills people in dumb ways. Can NOT wait for this movie – in theaters April 16, 2010!



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