Watch Shakira‘s new video for “She-Wolf”, the lead single off her upcoming new album. Her dancing is out of this world, in a good way; the way she moves her body is something serious. I think this might be the hottest Shakira has ever looked. The song is pretty catchy too – I think we have a future hit on our hands.

Ciara, take notes on how to properly work the pole, bodysuit and whatnot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 Responses to “She-Wolf”
  1. DIEGO says:

    seriously, i must say.. she is the best!
    i’m a big big fan since she came out in 1992, with ESTOY AQUI, when she was amazing in complete. amazing with the writtings, amazing with the voice, the way she commends the stage. i love her!
    this video is just SOOOOO GREAT!
    i needed this!
    we all needed this!
    the pop world needed this!

    thank GOD we have shakira to amaze us with something so fresh and …. omg, IM IN SHOCK!.. great!!
    just great!

  2. Marsha says:

    I am shocked…wow to the moves… def gonna practice in the mirror tonite lol

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