Rihanna x VOGUE Italia

The net went crazy when Rihanna’s cover for VOGUE Italia leaked a few weeks ago – but I don’t think people are ready for the sheer exquisiteness of the full photoshoot from inside the magazine. Thanks to scans from RihannaDaily.com we have an idea of how amazing this shoot came out. See the full set … Continue reading

Jay-Z Fans Get It

This new Rhapsody ad featuring Jay-Z recreating his album covers just made my day. From a long-time Jay fan, this is just so awesome. via twitter.com/SLCoolJames

Mariah Wants To Know What Love Is

Listen and download Mariah‘s official next single, “I Want To Know What Love Is”, or if you let hear team tell it – her official first single – off her upcoming album, ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel‘. If the song sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s a cover of the ’80s classic by the … Continue reading

Wrong Man For the Job

This new JoJo song, “Wrong Man For the Job”, is the latest in a string of leaks from the teenage R&B-pop vocalist. I’m not feeling this track as much as the other recent leak, “Forever in My Life” (download here), but it’s still a solid song – with some nice vocals, as is expected now-a-days, from … Continue reading

Back to the Topic

Thanks to the folks over at RapRadar, I bring you this hot new J. Cole ‘freestyle’, “Back to the Topic” – where Young Simba flows over the instrumental for Cassie’s almost-hit “This Must Be Love”. This is for my babygirl, elle, over at LetsJustEatCheese. Look for J.Cole, featured on “A Star is Born” off Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint … Continue reading

XXL ♥ Jay-Z

Check out Jay-Z on the cover of the upcoming Oct. ’09 issue of XXL magazine. You ready? The ‘Blueprint 3‘ media takeover has officially begun.

Venus vs Mars

I’m not sure If I should be more suprised that yet another Timbaland-produced track from Jay-Z‘s upcoming ‘Blueprint 3′ album has leaked, or that Timbo even has three songs on the album in the first place – either way, I’m absoluetly loving this Timbo beat on “Venus vs. Mars”. Listen+Download below. Jay-Z – “Venus vs. Mars” *updated* … Continue reading

R.I.P. Aaliyah: 1.16.79 ~ 8.25.01

So appropriate.

Listen to Whitney’s New Album in Full

While I am against posting entire leaked albums for download, as I mentioned in my previous Whitney Houston post from yesterday, I’m not against this; You can now listen to Whitney’s entire new album, ‘I Look To You’, streaming in full at her official site: WhitneyHouston.com. So far I’m really enjoying the album. I think it’s safe … Continue reading


Wow, another Jay-Z leak from ‘The Blueprint 3’ – and ironically, another leak produced by Timbaland. Listen and download to “Reminder” below. And don’t forget, ‘The Blueprint 3’ is in stores Friday, Sept. 11th! Jay-Z – “Reminder” via RapRadar