Jazmine Sullivan LIVE in BK

Jazmine Sullivan & Robin Thicke performed last night (Monday, Aug. 3rd)in Brooklyn’s Wingate Field as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Summer Concert Series.
TheWaitingRoom was surely in attendance. While we were too far from the stage to get much on camera, watch the videos we took below to hear the audio of the performances.
Vocally both Jazmine and Robin were on point – they brought their A game and put it downon that stage last night! For more information on the remaining concerts (every Monday in Wingate Field), click here.

Jazmine Performs “Champion”, “Smoking Gun”, & a soulful cover of “Heartless”

Jazmine Performs “In Love With Another Man”

Jazmine Performs her debut hit “Need U Bad”

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  1. […] Robin Thicke calls on Jazmine Sullivan for “Million Dolla Baby”, off his upcoming album, ‘Sex Therapy‘ – in stores Dec. 15th. These are two of my favorites and truth be told I’ve been waiting on this track since I saw the ‘Sex Therapy‘ tracklisting a few weeks ago. The song has a jazzy and almost Marvin Gaye feel to it – and I’m diggin’ it! I’m a bit disappointed that Jazmine is only featured on the background vocals of the hook – I was expecting an actual duet. I had the chance to catch Robin and Jazmine perform in Brooklyn this past summer, you can watch videos from the show here and here. […]

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