Autotune Is For Pussies

A few weeks ago Christina rocked this t-shirt while out to dinner.
This is why I love this chick.

I’ll let DJ Premier break it down for the haters from a behind-the-scenes studio session for Xtina’s last album, which he worked heavily on. For the part I’m referencing, fast forward to 3:30 into the video.

“This is a true artist. Definitely knows how to sing; no auto-tune. A lot of you people that make records – doing auto-tune. Really can’t keep a note in order to make a record. Can’t keep a note live either. I’ve seen her do her thing.” – DJ Premier on Christina Aguilera and industry non-singers.

2 Responses to “Autotune Is For Pussies”
  1. animal behavior says:

    That’s my girl! Tell ’em Xtina, she blows like a bag pipe!

  2. elle sexton says:

    nice ! I LOVE Premier. He’s kind of like my boyfriend. Chrissy cool too. : )

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