VIDEO: Marsha Ambrosius LIVE @ SOB’s

Last night singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius – best known as the vocalist from the duo Floetry – performed LIVE at long-time NYC venue SOB’s. Marsha’s back-up band was none other than the amazing The Roots, including legendary writer/producer James Poyser on the keyboard.
Along with some of her Floetry classics, Marsha performed a few new solo joints, as well as a tribute to Michael Jackson. TheWaitingRoom was in the house at SOB’s and loved every second of Marsha’s live set, even the banter between songs. Marsha is a true class act; beautiful in every sense; physically, vocally, and personally. Watch videos from the show below, and be on the look-out for Marsha’s upcoming solo debut album in the next year or so.

Marsha performs a Michael Jackson tribute:
a medley of his classics “Can’t Help It” and “Butterflies”.

Marsha performs the Floetry classic, “Say Yes”, to the crowd’s delight.

See More Videos from Marsha’s Show After the Jump!

Marsha acknowledges that it’s her birthday, and commences to sing
an impromptu jazzy version of “Happy Birthday”.

Marsha asks the crowd, ‘Anyone trying to break-up with anyone?’
and performs a BRAND-NEW solo song about trying to breaking-up with someone.

Marsha performs “Cry” – a new song written for Michael Jackson before his passing.
Unfortunately, they never had a chance to record the final song.

Marsha performs another Floetry classic, “SupaStar”


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