Forever In My Life


Earlier this year pop/R&B singer JoJo posted a YouTube video online explaining why she hasn’t put an album out – pointing the finger at her record label (Blackground) for not having a distribution deal. JoJo said the album was 100% done, and had been done for some time, but waiting to be released properly.
Well another song from the new album sessions has leaked and while it’s very mainstream and “safe” – I can’t deny that I kinda’ like it. Her vocals are usually always on point – so that is to be expected. See for yourself – listen and download the song below (to download click the small download arrow on right of the audio player).

JoJo – “Forever in My Life”

3 Responses to “Forever In My Life”
  1. Herman says:

    This is funny bc I was just wondering the other day about what happened to her and her music. Didn’t know it was mainly bc of her record label.

  2. elle says:

    really love this girl. thank you. is she still like 16 though?

    “i want a man like you forever in my life”

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  1. […] not feeling this track as much as the other recent leak, “Forever in My Life” (download here), but it’s still a solid song – with some nice vocals, as is expected now-a-days, from […]

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