Xtina: The B-Sides


Don’t fret, TheWaitingRoom is not becoming a Christina Aguilera blog – despite how much my true heart-of-hearts would love that (right, elle? Ha!) – but I do know that a lot of my readers are Aguilera fans (TRUE STORY!), so it makes sense that as long as there’s an audience for it, the Xtina posts will keep coming. Any objections? If so, feel free to hit me at Gmail (to the right) or comment on the post. Got it?

That being said, in anticipation of Xtina’s new album (with no release date set we are left WAITING – ahem – TheWaitingRoom…?) – I figured I’d share some Xtina b-side, unreleased, and rare tracks; for fans and future-fans alike. Enjoy and leave some feedback below!
To download, simply click on small download arrow on the right-side of the audio player.

“I Will Be”

“Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy”

“A Song For You” (ft. Herbie Hancock)”

“That’s What Love Can Do”


One Response to “Xtina: The B-Sides”
  1. Cherry says:

    Thank you SO much! x

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