Venus vs Mars


I’m not sure If I should be more suprised that yet another Timbaland-produced track from Jay-Z‘s upcoming ‘Blueprint 3′ album has leaked, or that Timbo even has three songs on the album in the first place – either way, I’m absoluetly loving this Timbo beat on “Venus vs. Mars”. Listen+Download below.

Jay-Z – “Venus vs. Mars”

*updated* with full, no-tags version – thanks to Eskay @ NahRight!

In other Timbaland news, he was chatting live on UStream late last night and gave up some info on his upcoming album, ‘Shock Value 2’. Guests on the next album will include No Dobut (yes, the whole band, not just Gwen), Chris Brown, Missy, Jordin Sparks, Justin Timberlake, and more!

One Response to “Venus vs Mars”
  1. elle says:

    caught him bumpin’ ether

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