Something Off My Chest

I don’t usually like to give my personal opinion here about the material I post – who am I to give my opinion and think anyone should care or follow it? That’s the primary reason I don’t do actual ‘reviews’ of music, film, etc.

But there is something that’s been bothering me this week.

In the recent weeks leading up to the full leak of Jay-Z‘s ‘Blueprint 3’ album, I noticed many listeners on various forums, blogs, and comment sections of other sites, blatantly hating on an album they hadn’t even heard.
I’m not saying people aren’t supposed to have their opinions – that would be stupid of me to say.
But people were straight up discrediting Jay-Z’s entire career based off their personal distaste with the few tracks that initially leaked.
People were not wasting any time seemingly forgetting all of Jay’s accomplishments or the numerous albums full of great music he’s blessed us with over his illustrious career in music.
From people saying the whole album will flop, to others saying “Oh Jay’s always been overrated and this proves it” – I couldn’t get over these type of statements from people who had yet to hear the entire new album.

Now the album has leaked and what do I see? Most people seem to really be feeling it.

I’ll never get how fickle some ‘fans’ are; How quick some people are to try to tear someone so successful down. The funniest part (not really funny) is that most of those hating are people who probably own a few, if not all, of Jay-Z’s albums.

As Hov said in his “Corporate Takeover” freestyle a few years back;

“The same sword they knight you with,
They gon’ ‘goodnight’ you with.
Shit, that’s only half if they like you.
That ain’t even the half that they might do.
Don’t believe me? Ask Michael.
See Martin, see Malcom,
You see Biggie, see ‘Pac.
See success and its outcome.
See Jesus, see Judas,
See Caesar, see Brutus.
See, success is like suicide – suicide; it’s a suicide.
If you succeed, prepare to be crucified.”

One Response to “Something Off My Chest”
  1. elle says:

    keep giving your personal opinion. it’s needed.

    this ain’t even half of what they might do.

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