Christina in Wonderland


Christina Aguilera recently opened the doors to her L.A. home for InStyle magazine. Check out these scans from the magazine’s October issue, where you can see Xtina’s funky style translates beyond her music and fashion, and into the decor of her humble abode. Also featured in the photoshoot are Xtina’s nearly-two-year-old son Max and husband Jordan Bratman. They are such a cute family and it’s great to see a couple so in love and making it in Hollywood.

If the house looks familiar, you may remember it as the home of the Osbournes, where they filmed their reality show for MTV. Jack Osbourne’s old room is now Xtina’s second walk-in closet – Ha!

Click the pics for full-size view.

xtinainstyle1 xtinainstyle2 xtinainstyle3 xtinainstyle4 xtinainstyle5 xtinainstyle6 xtinainstyle7 xtinainstyle8 xtinainstyle9 xtinainstyle10


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