Welcome Home Jamal


Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne was released from prison today.

Though released from Clinton Correctional Facilty earlier today, Shyne, government Jamal Barrows, actually served most of his 10-year sentence at New York’s infamous Rikers Island. Barrows was sentenced to prison back in 2001 after his alleged involvement in the highly-publicized 1999 NYC club shooting involving Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

UPDATE: Ok, so now I’m hearing that Shyne is out of prison, but being held by U.S. Immigration – as he is originally from Belize. From what I’ve heard, and I’m not sure how accurate this is, they are debating on whether to deport him or not. Wow – this is some crazy shit; you do a nearly 10-year bid and now have to worry about being deported. Well, at leas his father is the Prime Minister of Belize, but I heard once that he does not have a relationship really with his father. I really hope this all works out for Shyne.


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