Fragments of Genius


Many would call Stephen Wiltshire an artistic genius – but for 35-year-old Wiltshire, who didn’t speak a word until the age of 5 due to autism, he’s just doing what comes naturally to him.

“That he has a gift makes no sense at all to Stephen. He knows that he draws very well, but he picks that up from other people — he sees the warmth on their faces, they tell him how much they like his work, and that makes him very happy.”
– sister, Annette Wiltshire

After just a 20 minute helicopter ride over New York City last Friday, Oct. 23rd, Wiltshire has been quite busy; Working nearly 8 hours each day at a public gallery at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Wiltshire is recreating the entire NYC skyline solely from memory of his short helicopter ride. CBS’s “The Early Show” got wind of Wiltshire’s work in the UK and sponsored this trip to New York, where he is now busy sketching a 19-foot long panorama of the city.

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