Brief Thoughts on The 2010 Grammys

I’m not usually one for discussing award shows the day, or several days, after they happen – but I figured since TheWaitingRoom is generally considered a music blog, I should say something about the Grammys. Here are my brief thoughts on The 2010 Grammy Awards.

Congrats Beyonce! Easily one of the hardest working people in show biz! For those who haven’t heard, she now holds the record for the most Grammy wins in one night (6) for a female artist!

Gaga deserved to win at least one award that was shown on the main show. First they disqualify her for the Best New Artist field, but nominate her for most of the big awards, then only give her pre-show awards? That’s just disrespectful. Her performance with Sir Elton? Historical.

Pink – um, that was cool, but didn’t we see this already at the 2009 MTV VMA’s?

Who saw that giant smile Jay-Z gave Beyonce when she won her final award of the night, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Halo”? That smile was worth a thousand words – that man is truly enamored by that woman – and it made me smile too.

Taylor Swift is the most overrated artist of our time – she better thank Kanye in her next album liner notes for all these pity awards. I was already somewhat underwhelmed back when they announced the nominees for Album of the Year, but Sunday night when I heard Taylor Swift’s name announced as the winner – my heart sunk.

One last thought – I can’t wait for next year when Kanye and Xtina are in full effect. I’m sure the show will be very interesting!

PS: When the best part of a tribute is the pre-recorded vocals of the person you’re tributing, you know something is… off. I love Michael Jackson, I love “Earth Song”, but I did not love that tribute. And was it me, or was only about 7 seconds of it actually in 3D? Thank God those 3D glasses from Target were free, but the gas I used to drive to Target was a waste.

One Response to “Brief Thoughts on The 2010 Grammys”
  1. i agree with EVERYTHING you said. taylor swift is cute and all, but her music is average. i’m not really into country. kanye needed, NEEDED to be there. and i’m sure he was taking swigs of his henny at home with amber posing in some LV panties.

    also, i wanted chris brown in the tribute. was he even at the show? and for usher to perform daddy’s home. and for them to NOT bleep out wayne.

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