All of Us

Thanks to Dream Hampton for this – Prideland Pictures’ upcoming documentary, ‘All of Us‘, focuses on the AIDS and HIV epidemic as it directly (and indirectly) effects Black women here in the U.S. in disproportionate numbers. Watch the trailer below, then read the synopsis from Prideland Pictures.

ALL OF US (Feature Documentary): A young doctor in the South Bronx embarks on a research project to find out why black women are becoming infected with HIV at alarming rates. She takes us into the lives and relationship histories of her black, female patients to find out what social factors are putting them at risk. When she expands her research to include women across boundaries of race, class and country, she discovers a dangerous power imbalance that all heterosexual women face in the bedroom, but rarely discuss. ALL OF US is about HIV/AIDS but it is not a tragedy. It is a story of resilience, courage and activism.


Love it? Hate it? TELL ME!

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