Vivian Green is ‘Beautiful’

Watch the soulful Vivian Green‘s brand new video for “Beautiful” – the lead single of her new album of the same name, in stores April 6th. Lovely!


[via SOBs]

2 Responses to “Vivian Green is ‘Beautiful’”
  1. diego says:

    didn’t like her…
    she sings nasally ! and plus, what kind of song is this? Just piano? OK WE COULD UNDERSTAND after 1minute that she can sing w piano… this song is SOOO boring! Ewww.. ok, she is pretty, but nothing amazing! I just cant believe I wasted my time watching this video ‘till the end. . . where is the IT factor? What is diff. from this girl and all of the 2milion others who can sing just as good!???

  2. 106th says:

    omg diego, i just literally LOL’d

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