Happy Birthday Diego!

I want to take time out to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends, Diego Campos, who really is like a brother to me for the past however many years.

Hermano… irmão… “what else can I say but ‘Thank You'” LOL! Ok, inside jokes aside, Diego… despite living thousands of miles apart – with you now living in Brazil for the past seven years, we’ve managed to stay in touch on a daily basis – and I’m so happy we have! I feel honored, blessed, and lucky to have met you way back in high-school… what year was it, 2001? 2002? It feels like I’ve known you forever.

From Konst’s dad in the club in Boston, to you as Michael Jackson in the porn store – From being chased around Westboro to Selena’s killer at your mom’s salon – From “Kate!” to the homeless guy screaming Aguilera’s “Beautiful” at us in Boston – From having to literally push your car when it broke down in front of that bar in Brazil to me doing my drunk crazy Gisele walk all through the club – We have countless memories, like Tina Knowles – LMAO!

I miss you so much, more than words will allow me to epxress, and can NOT wait to see what is coming next (LOL!) – but really, I can’t wait until July when you and Thonny come to visit the U.S. and I can show you around NYC and even travel back with you to Massachusetts to visit Westborough!

Happy 25th Birthday!
Feliz Aniversário!
Parabéns a Você!

One Response to “Happy Birthday Diego!”
  1. DIEGO says:

    OMG, what else can i say.. but THANK YOU!!


    i love you mark, and you know how important your friendship is to me.
    Time goes by when we still keep our friendship so close that it feel like you’re just living in another city, and not thousands and thousands of miles away!!! I seriously CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU this summer!
    Just like you said, YEAH, we have countless memories, and those memories will never disappear from our lives. U are more than a friend, more than THE BEST FRIEND, más que un hermano. YOU’re someone i love, respect, admire, and mostly care about!!
    Thank you..
    SIN lagrimas =) (or WITH lagrimas. CAUSE i miss you soooooo much!!)

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