Nothing [VIDEO]

Just as her latest flick, Tyler Perry‘s ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?‘ hits theaters – Janet Jackson releases the music video for “Nothing” – the theme song she wrote for the new film. I’ve been feeling this song since it leaked two weeks ago, and loved hearing it in different musical adaptations throughout the film (which I went to see last night – it’s good!)

 Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Response to “Nothing [VIDEO]”
  1. diego says:

    Ok, seriously, we know that this song is to promote a movie, but at the same time, all I have to say is that Janet is just way too lazy to do something different.
    She lots tons of weight, she’s got a nice body now, but at the same time, why didn’t she go to a hair salon before shooting this video? What a bad blow-drying the bangs are so dry that they look as she went to wallmart and bought herself a straining treatment and did it herself in her bathroom.
    The song is good.
    It’s very Janet, slow, nice vibe… I like it, but the video effects are so terrible that I have a friend here who does prom videos, and his videos (editing) are way better than this one…

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