Xtina’s Special Message to the Fans

Christina Aguilera took to her official website to speak directly to her fans – explaining her various inspirations for her upcoming album, ‘Bionic’, as well as the meaning behind the title. Christina’s message touches on her life, her art, her vision, and pretty much sums up why I’m a huge fan.

Read two excerpts below & read full message on her site

Each album I release is a representation of my personal life experiences and how they have shaped me.  I strongly believe that life is all about growth, self-discovery and self-expression.  Making music allows me to define my experiences and share them with others who might hopefully relate.  Over the past four years I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.  What all women are capable of.  Since the release of my last studio album, Back to Basics, I have become a mother, a wife, and most recently an actress.  All of these new experiences have allowed me to face new challenges and explore different sides of myself I did not even know existed.  I am a woman who wears many hats and carries many responsibilities.  There are so many characteristics that define me, and this album was put together to represent all of those different parts of myself.  The sound is not necessarily easy to define because I am not easy to define.  I can be serious.  I can be playful.  Sexual. Loving.  Tough.  Hardworking.  Honest.

You will find on this album songs that represent the many sides of me.  I have learned that like all women I am sometimes capable of being superhuman.  Like all women I am BIONIC


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