“Not Myself Tonight” on iTunes Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder; Christina Aguilera‘s new hit single, “Not Myself Tonight”, goes on sale tomorrow (April 13th) on iTunes in the U.S. – in many European countries it is already on sale!

In support of Aguilera’s new single and upcoming album, ‘Bionic’, I promise to “gift” the song on iTunes tomorrow FREE (and legally) to the first three people who comment on this post!


BUY ON iTunes NOW!

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14 Responses to ““Not Myself Tonight” on iTunes Tomorrow!”
  1. Jacob says:

    OMG! i love this pic. she looks so relaxed and just ready to bring it. she’s gonna pwn so much ass!

  2. Xtina stan! says:

    Hi! I love Christina Aguilera! She’s amazing! So talented! And she’s so HOT too! That pic is amazing! Can’t wait for the full album! ūüėÄ

  3. √°lvaro says:

    You used my graphic! hehe

    I love Christina ‚̧

    • 106th says:

      LOL yes! I loved it the minute I saw it! Thank you!

      PS: you are techincally the 3rd person to comment, but since you made the graphic, I’m guessing you were planning on buying the single on iTunes tomorrow anyways – do you still want to be counted as the 3rd winner of the free iTunes download? LOL

  4. Jmbchris says:

    I want one!!!

    • 106th says:

      I’m sorry – you are the FOURTH comment, and it was only the first three to win the free iTunes mp3/download.

      HOWEVER, I will be doing the contest for another 3 winners tomorrow morning at 10AM EST! Goodluck!

  5. √°lvaro says:

    Yes. I wasn’t planning on buying it on iTunes, I just wanted to make sure that people know it’s on the store already for some countries. Besides, I love the new outtake released today, lol.

  6. Kike Cruz says:

    Christina’s amazing. I couldn’t wait for her come back. She’s the voice – she’s the real artist. I love her

    Hi… I always read your blog. Can I have the mp3.
    I live in Colombia, and even though I want to buy the song, it’s impossible for me, due there’s no iTunes store for my country..

    • 106th says:

      Aw I’m sorry – While you aren’t a winner for the contest, try again tomorrow – I’ll be giving away 3 more iTunes mp3s of “Not Myself Tonight” – starting at 10AM EST! Good Luck!

  7. √°lvaro says:

    I won but I could get the song because I don’t live in the States. I don’t understand, since it’s on the Spanish store too.

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