New Music: Tank – “Sex Music”

Usually I find such literally titled/themed R&B sex songs corny and pointless, but on Tank‘s new single, “Sex Music”, he actually has the vocal chops and production to make you believe it. Ladies (and some fellas) – you know you can picture yourself getting down with that special somebody to this song – admit it! … Continue reading

New Music: Jazmine Sullivan – “Holding You Down” (Goin’ in Circles)

Wow – I’ve been looking for something great to force me back to blogging, and today Jazmine Sullivan‘s new single “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)” comes out of nowhere. Just like Jazzy sings in the song “I can’t stop”, yeah, I can’t stop listening to this damn song! This new release gets me even … Continue reading

New Video: J. Cole – “Who Dat”

Rapper J. Cole just released the video for his debut single, “Who Dat”, off his upcoming debut album. If you aren’t familiar with J. Cole, um, get familiar – I’m pretty sure we will be seeing, and hearing, a lot more from J. Cole in the future. It doesn’t hurt that he’s already been co-signed … Continue reading

Whoopi’s Skin & Elmo’s Fur

I’m sure a lot of you watched ‘Sesame Street‘ as kids, just like I did – I grew up with it! What’s interesting is if you go back and watch those old (and classic) clips from ‘Sesame Street’ (which you can conveniently do on the official Sesame Street YouTube channel) – you might be surprised … Continue reading

Michael Jackson x Billboard Magazine

When I first heard there was a new Michael Jackson cover feature in this week’s Billboard Magazine (in honor of the 1 year anniversary since his tragic passing last June) – I was expecting the usual stark contrast and strong imagery in a photograph of MJ – you know, the kind that covered most of … Continue reading

NOH8: “We Are Uniters, Not Dividers”

I’ve been familiar with the NOH8 campaign for a while now – if you’re not, you’re late (but it’s okay, catch up at Basically the NOH8 campaign ‘silently’ protesting and fighting for equal civil rights for the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender). You’ve maybe seen some of the photos of celebs for the … Continue reading

Eminem Shamwow Parody Ad for ‘Recovery’

I’ve been watching this hilarious Shamwow parody ad for Eminem‘s new album, ‘Recovery‘, all morning – to the point that my co-workers are beginning to notice. Maybe it’s because I keep literally laughing out loud, especially at the “hose”/”hoes” double-entendre (keep an ear out).

New Video: B.o.B – “Airplanes” (ft. Hayley Williams)

Check out B.o.B‘s just released video for “Airplanes”, his hit single featuring Hayley Williams (of the band Paramore). The song isn’t really new anymore, but it’s still dope – and now we finally get a visual to accompany it. B.o.B’s debut album, ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray‘ is pretty dope as a whole, so check … Continue reading

New Video: Kelis – “4th of July (Fireworks)”

Over the past few months I’ve been bopping on the train to a few of the leaked tracks off Kelis‘ upcoming album, ‘Flesh Tone‘. One of my fav tracks in particular, “4th of July (Fireworks)”, is getting the single-treatment, which means a just released new video! I’m convinced the whole ‘Flesh Tone‘ album (in stores … Continue reading

New Music: Faith Evans – “Way You Move”

Well, well, well – it felt like Faith Evans up and disappeared from the scene after dropping her last gem of an album, 2005’s ‘The First Lady‘, but she’s finally stepping (albeit slowly) back into the spotlight! I was a huge fan of the last album, and have been patiently waiting for a follow-up – … Continue reading