Xtina LIVE on The Today Show – 6/8/10

If you go to nbc.com or The Today Show website, I’m sure you can find streaming links of the broadcast of Christina Aguilera‘s performances from this morning’s show – however I was there and I’d rather share with you my own photos and video clips.

Beware, some get a little shaky – it was extremely crowded and I kept getting bumped, shoved, and pushed around. All in all I thought she did really well – funny though, we got to see her warm up/rehearsals before the actual broadcast, and she sounded BETTER in certain parts of rehearsal. Either way she was great – and sang everything 100% live at 8AM.

For now check out my photos from rehearsal and the broadcast, check back throughout the day for vids of her performances of “Bionic”/”Not Myself Tonight”, “Fighter”, “Beautiful”, and “You Lost Me”.

“Bionic”/”Not Myself Tonight” (live at TODAY)

“You Lost Me” (live at TODAY)

“Beautiful” (live at TODAY)

“Fighter” (live at TODAY)

All my personal photos after the jump!

One Response to “Xtina LIVE on The Today Show – 6/8/10”
  1. Joe says:

    Nice shots! You’re so lucky to be this close to her!


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