Eminem Shamwow Parody Ad for ‘Recovery’

I’ve been watching this hilarious Shamwow parody ad for Eminem‘s new album, ‘Recovery‘, all morning – to the point that my co-workers are beginning to notice. Maybe it’s because I keep literally laughing out loud, especially at the “hose”/”hoes” double-entendre (keep an ear out).

3 Responses to “Eminem Shamwow Parody Ad for ‘Recovery’”
  1. DIEGO says:

    LOVE IT! seriously.
    I think there are just a few people in the biz today that can make fun of themselves and still be taken into consideration, and for sure eminem is one of them!
    this is funny, and yet, it promotes the new album. ! great idea for a viral action! love it!

  2. 106th says:

    So true Diego!

  3. 106th says:

    That reminds me of when Janet Jackson did those MTV short skits the week her last album was out… they were HILARIOUS… watch them all here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukucdCl7vQM


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