Michael Jackson x Billboard Magazine

When I first heard there was a new Michael Jackson cover feature in this week’s Billboard Magazine (in honor of the 1 year anniversary since his tragic passing last June) – I was expecting the usual stark contrast and strong imagery in a photograph of MJ – you know, the kind that covered most of the tribute issues last year when he died.

I was pleasantly surprised that instead, Billboard turned to artist Mark Stutzman to create a genius illustration of Jackson looking into a mirror as he sketches his own self-portrait. The illustration is a direct take off of classic American artist Norman Rockwell’s famous Triple Self-Portrait (see below). The fact that Stutzman and Billboard used this particular imagery speaks volumes.

Norman Rockwell's Famous Triple Self-Portrait

Focusing even on just the literal; MJ’s classic “Man in the Mirror” almost comes to life with Stutzman’s piece. Take it one step further; Norman Rockwell’s artwork and style have become a part of the American cultural fabric and identity – much like Michael’s music has over the decades since we first met him in The Jackson 5.

What other levels of symbolism do you see in the new Billboard cover?

[via Billboard.com]

5 Responses to “Michael Jackson x Billboard Magazine”
  1. flo says:

    awsome cover

  2. Kris says:

    Love, Love, Love this illustration of my beloved Michael Jackson. I miss him terribly but this brings smiles to me instead of tears.

    Thank you, Mr. Stutzman

  3. Meer-Maid says:

    Cute amazing, wonderful, lovely! Thank you Mr. Stutzman for this adorable illustration of Michael. RIP Michael. I’ll never forget you.-

  4. Blackpearl says:

    Thank you Mr. Stutzman it’s so a wonderful illustration of Michael.
    RIP Michael

  5. JayZ says:

    Beautiful illustration of MJ… well done. RIP Michael, Long Live The King of Music

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