New Music: Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions”

Thanks to my people over at RapRadar, I just found out some ‘new’ Lauryn Hill music leaked today! Where was I? Oh, right – grocery shopping and then getting caught in the rain, but that’s a story for another day. Not sure yet if this is actually new music or just unheard older unreleased material, but so far I’ve had it on repeat since downloading.
Listen and download “Repercussions” below.

Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions”

[via RapRadar]

2 Responses to “New Music: Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions””
  1. Hey! I made that art piece! haha. Thanks for appreciating it.

    • Alfredo says:

      Hey Jonathan!

      Great Job! I would love to have the original drawing if you coul send it to me, so i could print it as a t-shirt for myself. I´m from Spain, my name is Alfredo.

      My email is:

      Maybe you don´t have it anymore, but thank you in advance!


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