Amel Larrieux LIVE @ SOB’s – 10/27

On Wednesday, October 27th, elusive R&B/Jazz vocalist Amel Larrieux will take the SOB’s stage for a rare performance!

Most listeners will remember Amel from her work as part of the ’90s duo Groove Theory (“Tell Me”) – but don’t sleep; Amel has released multiple solo albums since, all of which have been incredibly solid albums,
often consisting of some of my favorite songs of all time.

Check out some of Amel’s truly beautiful music; “For Real,” “Make Me Whole,”
and more recently 2009’s “Don’t Let Me Down”.

Listeners who are up on Amel and how great she is already know what to eagerly expect from this upcoming show at SOB’s, so hurry up, put yourself on, and then cop tickets ASAP!

More info. at

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