Top Songs of ’10: Jennifer Hudson & The Roots – “Let It Be” (live)

Starting today I’ll be posting TheWaitingRoom‘s Top 20 Songs of 2010. From today until Dec. 30th a song will be posted each day in the order they were released throughout the year. On the final day of 2010, Dec. 31st, my top 5 songs of the entire year will be posted.

As with any year-end list, there is always room for debate, so please leave feedback in the comments section.
Who knows, you may discover a song or artist you overlooked.

“Let It Be” (live)
Jennifer Hudson (ft. The Roots)

In January of 2010 a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti, leaving over 1 million people homeless and over 500,000 people dead or seriously injured. Later that month countless artists, actors, entertainers and public figures came together for the major Hope For Haiti Now telethon event. One of the stand-out musical performances was Jennifer Hudson‘s soulful rendition of The Beatles classic “Let It Be,” accompanied by The Roots.



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