Marina & The Diamonds Covers 3Oh!3’s “Starstrukk”

I don’t consider myself a fan of 3Oh!3 – but thanks to a stripped and toned down cover by Marina & The Diamonds of their hit “Starstrukk,” I have found a new appreciation for their lyrics and melodies. has been doing these artist-on-artist ‘mash-ups’ for a few months now – you may remember Sara … Continue reading

Dina’s Dance Grooves

I was just browsing Kanye West‘s blog and came across one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. The funniest part, or maybe scariest, is that this is from an actual dance instructional video, probably from the ’90s some time. I’ve been watching this over and over, laughing my ass off every … Continue reading

Whoopi’s Skin & Elmo’s Fur

I’m sure a lot of you watched ‘Sesame Street‘ as kids, just like I did – I grew up with it! What’s interesting is if you go back and watch those old (and classic) clips from ‘Sesame Street’ (which you can conveniently do on the official Sesame Street YouTube channel) – you might be surprised … Continue reading

Eminem Shamwow Parody Ad for ‘Recovery’

I’ve been watching this hilarious Shamwow parody ad for Eminem‘s new album, ‘Recovery‘, all morning – to the point that my co-workers are beginning to notice. Maybe it’s because I keep literally laughing out loud, especially at the “hose”/”hoes” double-entendre (keep an ear out).

Seen It All Before

What more can I say? “She’s Not Me” – Madonna [via alyssalovesM]

“ねぇ” [VIDEO]

One of my all-time favorite Japanese groups, Dreams Come True – aka DCT – has a new song out on iTunes in Japan today. The single, “ねぇ” (pronounced “Neh”) is the latest in their legendary career – which spans over 30 years. DCT was first signed to Sony Records in Japan in 1988, and have … Continue reading

The Horror of Late Night Fast Food

Burger King recently hired Dubai-based advertising agency Tonic to create a new campaign for their late night drive-thru service. The results? Amazing. Horror classics like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, along with others, are depicted indulging in the late night junk food. See the first ad below, and the rest after the jump! CLICK FOR FULL SIZE HQ … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Diego!

I want to take time out to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends, Diego Campos, who really is like a brother to me for the past however many years. Hermano… irmão… “what else can I say but ‘Thank You’” LOL! Ok, inside jokes aside, Diego… despite living thousands of miles … Continue reading

Mean Girls x Disney

This ‘Mean Girls‘ parody using clips from various Disney classics is hilarious, and pretty genius. This isn’t really music related, but I wanted to share this with my readers. Thanks to pinkwhig on YouTube for this very entertaining clip!

Battle at Kruger

Watch this incredible eyewitness video of a 3-way battle between a herd of buffalo, a pride of lions, and two crocodiles, at South Africa’s Kruger National Park. This is amazing – the people on this safari are lucky to have witnessed something you’d only expect to see on the Discovery Channel! [via]