Who’s Gonna Love You?

Amerie just released a brand new song, “Who’s Gonna Love U”, via her Twitter (@itsmeAmerie). When loaded onto my iTunes library it was labeled with an album title ‘Breakups to Makeups‘ – so I’m not sure if she has a new album in the works or not, but I do know that I’m kinda’ feeling … Continue reading

More Than Love [VIDEO]

Watch Amerie‘s new video for “More Than Love”, featuring Fabolous, off her latest album, ‘In Love & War‘. I really like how the video is set up like a story – but with the dialogue kind of mixed in throughout the song so that Loso’s verse fits with the scene he’s in etc. – and … Continue reading

Heard ’em All

Amerie‘s new video for her latest single, “Heard ’em All”, is out – and it’s hot. But honestly, throw in a little hair, makeup, and lighting – anything with Amerie in it will look hot. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler and the song is off Amerie’s upcoming album, ‘In Love & War’, in … Continue reading

Flawless, As Usual

Earlier today Amerie premiered the video for her new single, “Why R U”, on 106th & Park. Does this bitch ever look bad in a video? Or look bad, period? Like, EVER?! Be sure to check out her new album, ‘In Love & War‘, coming out later this summer in August. *BONUS* Behind the Scenes … Continue reading

Tell Me U Love Me

This recent Amerie leak (shout out to DaJaz1.com & the New Music Cartel) is supposedly off her upcoming album, ‘In Love & War‘ – but we’ll have to wait and see if it makes the final tracklisting or not. Be on the lookout for the video for her first single off the album, “Why R … Continue reading

Why R U?

Amerie – “Why R U?” Many props to Elliott Wilson, aka YN, over at RapRadar.com for this exclusive leak of Amerie‘s anticipated first single, “Why R U?”, off her first album under Def Jam, ‘In Love & War‘ – in stores this August!