Top Songs of ’09: Brandy – “I Don’t Really Care”

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Brandy Still Got It

Brandy just posted this raw and uncut YouTube video of her singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” accapella from her bathroom. I always knew Brandy was a true singer with great technique, but in case any of the haters were still doubting; this is raw vocal talent. When Cassie/Ashanti/Ciara etc. etc. etc. gonna’ do it?

Could You Love Me Quickly?

Yet another fresh track has leaked off John Legend‘s upcoming album,’Evolver‘ (in stores Oct. 28th). The new track, “Quickly”, features Brandy‘s beautiful vocals and has a global pop feel to it. I have to be honest; I’m happy Brandy and John didn’t go the predictable ballad route with this track. In case you didn’t know, … Continue reading

Notable November

This November will be a major historic month for our entire country – Nov. 4th to be exact. I hope I don’t need to remind anyone WHY. Rock the vote – let’s make history! November will be a great month for music fans as well. In breaking news straight from his official blog, Kanye West announced today … Continue reading