New Video: Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” + Performance @ ConcreteLoop 5th Anniversary Party

I usually avoid posting content I’m sure will end up on every other damn blog, just because I figure what’s the point if everyone is going to see it everywhere else. But I had to post Keri Hilson‘s latest video for her new single, “Pretty Girl Rock,” off her upcoming sophomore album, ‘No Boys Allowed‘ … Continue reading

New Music: Keri Hilson “Breaking Point”

“Breaking Point” by Keri Hilson has been floating around the net for a few days now, but I didn’t post it immediately for two reasons; one – prior to her debut album dropping so many songs leaked that no one was really sure what was a single, what was on the album, or what wasn’t … Continue reading

Top Songs ’09: Keri Hilson – “Tell Him The Truth”

“Tell Him The Truth” Keri Hilson We live in a culture where news of men cheating is nearly expected, but seldom do we hear the story the other way around. In her track “Tell Him The Truth”, singer-songwriter Keri Hilson isn’t afraid to go there. Even lamenting her own dilemma; telling the man she loves … Continue reading

Number One

Watch the music video for R. Kelly’s latest single, “Number One”, featuring Keri Hilson. I know R. Kelly is a perv, but I can never deny his catchy masterpieces – just ask my girl elle @ LetsJustEatCheese, I was a fiend for “I’m a Flirt” a few years back. So accordingly, I’ve been feeling this new song … Continue reading

Better Make It Worth the Fall

Keri Hilson‘s video for her next single, “Knock You Down”, featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo. Song has been on repeat on iPhone since it leaked.  pick up her album in stores now!

Tell Him The Truth

“You want listeners to feel a sense of reality — that’s important to me.” -Keri Hilson (via FADER magazine)

Get Ya Money Up

“If ya tearin’ the bar down with all the fly women, and still livin’ with ya momma…” Get Ya Money Up – Keri Hilson (feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)

Keri Hilson – “Energy” (LIVE)

 Yahoo! Music is featuring Keri Hilson‘s exclusive live performance of her first single, “Energy”, off her upcoming debut album, ‘In A Perfect World…‘ (in stores in November – hopefully)  She’s not the strongest vocalist, but there’s just something about this chick that I love – her swagger, her style, and her songwriting are all beautiful … Continue reading