The Break Up

Damn, all of Toni Braxton‘s new songs are leaking – download and listen to “The Break Up” below. The song is a pretty, mellow piano-driven ballad. I’m feeling it, but I wish there was more of a climax to it – we all know Toni’s got the voice for a dramatic climax. Toni Braxton – … Continue reading

I Hate Love

Another new Toni Braxton track from her upcoming album – well, we’ll see if any of these leaks make the final album tracklist. Either way, I’m really feeling the songs that have been coming out from Toni the last year or so. I like the lyrics to this joint – I think everyone can relate … Continue reading


Toni Braxton‘s rumored lead-single “Yesterday” – for her upcoming album, ‘Pulse‘. Some people are saying this song sounds reminiscent of Beyonce’s “Halo”, but do I mind? Nope. I’m really feeling this song. The sound is a vastly different from Toni’s last album, the highly underrated ‘Libra‘, but I think this is the right direction if … Continue reading

Not a Chance

It seems like new Toni Braxton tracks have been leaking left and right, and for the most part I’ve been feeling them. I was really into her last album, ‘Libra‘ (2005) – so I’m hoping these new tracks leaking are an indication that a new album is in the works for Ms. Braxton. For now, … Continue reading