A Yankees State of Mind

I’m sure most of you were tuned in for the live broadcast, but last night Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed their already-classic New York City anthem, “Empire State of Mind”, at Game 2 of the Yankees/Phillies 2009 MLB World Series. Watch their legendary and history-making performance below. (First rapper to ever perform at Yankees Stadium … Continue reading

Ghosts in the Graveyard

A quick iPhone snapshot of the Ghosts in the Graveyard dessert I made last night (with the help of my homies Mina & Michelle) for my job’s annual Halloween party dessert contest. The bottom is made of chocolate pudding mixed with Cool Whip and smashed Oreos, and more smashed Oreos on top. Gummi Worms, grass … Continue reading

Daddy’s Home

[picapp src=”4/7/d/1/Usher_Hosts_Vegas_9119.jpg?adImageId=7004425&imageId=5861711″ width=”411″ height=”594″ /] If you’ve been waiting to hear more new Usher music – today is your lucky day. Two new tracks from Mr. Raymond have leaked – whether or not these will end up on the final tracklist of his upcoming album, ‘Raymond VS Raymond’, isn’t clear yet – but either way, … Continue reading

I Gotta Fly Away

[picapp src=”2/d/b/e/DoSomethingorg_The_Power_9dfa.JPG?adImageId=6989125&imageId=5883544″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /] It’s amazing to me how many new JoJo songs have leaked over the past year – but what’s even more surprising is that I’ve loved (or really liked) nearly all of them. Once again, I think I’m in love. Listen and download below to JoJo’s pensive and moving “Miss My … Continue reading

Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart

Thanks to RapRadar, DJ Envy & MissInfo, listen to the radio rip of Alicia Keys‘ new single, “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart”. I really like the sound of this – it’s different for Alicia, as opposed to her 1st single, which many seemed bored with. Cop the new A. Keys album, ‘The Element of … Continue reading

Clarissa Explains It All?

I still love Melissa Joan Hart, but this was hilarious. Who else grew up on Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Fragments of Genius

Many would call Stephen Wiltshire an artistic genius – but for 35-year-old Wiltshire, who didn’t speak a word until the age of 5 due to autism, he’s just doing what comes naturally to him. “That he has a gift makes no sense at all to Stephen. He knows that he draws very well, but he picks … Continue reading

Waiting For a Glimpse of The Sun’s Glow

here I am walking on this narrow rope wobbling but won’t let go waiting for a glimpse of the sun’s glow I know I can stand, just pull me back up there ain’t a hurricane, it’s just us I’m willing to live and die for our love we can get back that shine and lightning … Continue reading

Happy Halloween

I’m heading to Massachusetts for the weekend – need a mini-vacation (also the free laundry and food doesn’t hurt). Probably won’t be blogging much this weekend – but wanted to leave you guys with this. Yes, I carved it myself – and Yes, I’m probably the only person in Harlem with a giant real jack-o-lantern. … Continue reading

I ♥ Apple

Microsoft’s new Windows 7, the follow up to their horrible Windows Vista OS, is finally out for PC users – of course you know Apple couldn’t let this event pass without saying something. I literally LOL’d at this ad just a few minutes ago. In related news, I ♥ my MacBook and iPhone.