[picapp src=”6/b/3/3/Chanel__Paris_c605.jpg?adImageId=7092274&imageId=6716374″ width=”413″ height=”594″ /] The latest Rihanna leak from her upcoming album, ‘Rated R‘ – the song goes hard, and is appropriately titled, “Hard”. Young Jeezy assists Ms. Rih Rih on the track – and ya know what, while I’m not a huge Jeezy fan, his adlibs actually add something to this song. Will … Continue reading

I’m The Only Thing I’m Afraid Of

Watch the new video for Kanye‘s “Amazing”, featuring Young Jeezy. I’m really feeling the use of various geographical locations – this imagery matches that epic feel Kanye usually achieves sonically in his songs and production.

You Mean the World to Me

Nas – “The World” (produced by Kanye West) Recently leaked new Nas track, “The World”, produced by Kanye West – this is dedicated to the girl who means the world to me. Elle, now you can’t say I’m so R&B it makes you cry – this one’s for you SB. *BONUS* – the new official … Continue reading